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The girl hadn't answered him. Well OK, he could understand that, they were all obviously in some weird situation here, although Ricky was fucked if he had any idea what to do now. Thankfully, James Mulzet had shown up then, and he seemed to, well, actually James looked pretty fucking out of it too. Christ, wasn't he supposed to be some genius or something?

James at least seemed to get the girl in the tree's attention, that was something at least. Winnie? OK, it was Winnie Clark. He, uh, knew her name, sort of. Yeah, Ricky figured he'd let James handle her.

Pressing his forearm to his head to wipe off the blood, Ricky took a couple steps back and turned around, only to see Holy Fucking Joseph she just appeared like a fuckin' ghost some other girl standing there. It was that German girl from the swim team. Damn, what kind of weird group did he get stuck with out here? Where was the damn football team?

"Uh, yeah." he said. "Friendly enough I guess. I dunno if we need help but-"

And then Winnie was screaming about needing a ladder? A fucking what?

Ricky turned back around, and now Thea Kairos was here. Saints fucking christ, this was getting crazy. At least Thea was someone he actually KNEW.

"Hey Thea I uh--"

And speaking of knowing things, the next thing Ricky knew, Thea was pushing him and James towards the tree, telling them to climb it to get the Winnie girl out. Whoa, whoa whoa, James was the guy who knew this girl, how did he end up getting roped into this stuff?

Fine, whatever. Maybe if he managed to get James up there they could just lower her down. James was smaller than he was anyway.

Ricky bent down and laced his fingers together. "Yeah, OK. Uh, James, gimme your foot and let me give you a boost up."
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