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The trees abruptly fell away and there she was standing out in the open. Rosa stopped for a few seconds and looked at the building that had appeared in front of her. A little cottage in the lee of the looming mountain above her, seemingly uninhabited, although that seemed a foolish thing to take for granted. She let out a little sigh. This wasn't what she'd been searching after since beginning to walk, but it would do for now. Rosa had been after an escape from this suffocating thicket of trees, but a momentary shelter would work wonders.

If, that was, it was safe. Rosa didn't like her chances in any kind of fight, and she was too cynical to believe that nobody at all would be playing. It wouldn't be everyone, hell, it probably wouldn't even be most people, but there would be enough. That, she firmly believed. So caution was the best option, because walkie-talkies weren't going to allow her to get out of trouble if she found herself beleagured, no way.

Rosa circled the house, avoiding moving directly towards the front entrance. Maybe there was a back door, maybe not, but she needed to case the place a little first. Approaching the building finally, Rosa peered through one of the windows; a little office of sorts, filled with filing cabinets and a desk. Next window, a bedroom, king-size and a chest of drawers with a TV on top of it. Moving on, Rosa found herself looking into an open-plan room, a kitchen area, sofa and a wrecked coffee table clearly visible. There was no sign of anybody in there.

Was that safe? Probably not, but it was as close to it as Rosa was likely to get. Returning to the front of the cottage, the Fiametta opened the door and stepped inside, looking around constantly to ensure that there was nobody lurking in the shadows that she'd missed whilst looking through the windows. Thankfully, there were no such people forthcoming, and Rosa sagged ever so slightly, relieved.

All the same, there was nothing stopping company from arriving and Rosa cast about, chewing on her bottom lip. She didn't want people to be able to just... waltz straight in whilst she was taking a few moments to compose herself and relax. There was a lock on the door, but Rosa was about as likely to find that as for both of her siblings to materialise out of thin air. Looking over to the lounge area, Rosa hit upon an idea and walked over. The armchair situated there was pretty sizeable... but it didn't seem impossible to move.

Rosa gave pushing it a try and was reward with a very slight motion. She gritted her teeth and groaned. This wasn't going to be easy. Putting her back into it, Rosa heaved on the chair, getting it to slide inch by inch along the carpet and towards the door. For somebody of her physique, it was a strain and Rosa was breathing hard, sweating slightly by the time that she was done. But at the end of it all, the armchair was wedged firmly behind the front door. It would certainly make getting in through there a tricky prospect.

Only then did Rosa relax, and the loss of tension was small. She immediately headed for where she remembered the bedroom being, leaving the door open after entering and tossing both daypack and duffle bag carelessly onto the floor. Eyeing the window, Rosa went over to it and drew the curtains, meaning at least that nobody could just look in and see her. Checking the windows had been easy, if there were players out there, Rosa didn't want to make their job easier. Somebody had left a heap of stuff on the bed, a number of items which Rosa just swept off onto the floor without bothering to examine.

Finally, she sat on the bed and curled up, hugging her knees to her chest. Rosa rocked back and forward a few times, thinking on how utterly screwed up this situation was, how badly she just wanted to be back home and then sticking on one other subject. How Frankie and Ily were doing.

Because they were her sister and brother, no more than five minutes removed from her in age. Ilario might have been a bore and a lecturer, and Frankie might have been a pothead, but they were family. They watched out for each ot-... well, Ilario mostly watched out for her and Frankie, but for each of their issues with one another, they were still close.

Rosa didn't want to think about either of them getting hurt.

As for me... well, I'm more fucked than that one time at that guy's party when he asked if his friend could j-...

She shook her head. Not the sort of thing that she needed to be thinking about right now. Definitely not. Rosa sighed, then thought back to the one final member of her family and gave a hollow laugh. She looked up, then spoke into thin air.

"Hey Junior. You notice me yet?"

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