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There was a yell not far away, someone else must have woken up, though she couldn't quite pick the voice. Besides, she had to break the news to Dutchy, he seemed to be going through what she'd been feeling half an hour before.

"Dutchy... I'm s-sorry" She was starting to tear up again, she didn't want to have to break it to him but it was necessary and... And then Jason started talking over her, launching into explanation.

She sat with her mouth open, she couldn't believe he could be so insensitive. Dutchy was her friend, he hardly knew them, and he'd just dropped it on him. Just dropped the whole fucking situation on him. She wasn't sure what to do, he shouldn't have had to find out like that, but there was no point trying to ease him into it now was there?

Not knowing what else to do she did the first thing that came to mind. She stood as the plank was still talking and took a few steps forward, wrapping her arms around her friend's back. All she could say was "Sorry, I'm sorry, Dutchy I'm sorry, sorry."
Then Jason had to keep talking.

A good draw? A GOOD FUCKING DRAW? Their teachers were dead, they were stranded, isolated, with explosives strapped to their necks and he had the nerve to say they'd gotten a good draw?

She let go of Dutchy and stormed back to her bags. She'd had enough of Jason's company, though at least one good thing had come of it, she was back to feeling angry. She threw her backpack across her shoulders and took the duffel bag in her hands. She paused a moment to look at the dumb riot shield, and decided it could come too.

"WE'll go." Her words were harsh, whoever it was down there was having a hard time and the last thing they needed was this guy. "C'mon Dutchy." She gave Jason a curt smile before leaving down the beach towards the source of the shout.

With the improving light she could soon make out the figure lying on the beach not far away. She broke into a trot, scudding across the sand in her hiking boots. She called out his name as she got closer, dumping the baggage as she slumped next to him. "Roland! Are, are you okay?" She smiled as she leaned over the boy, another person she was glad to find.
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