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When Katelyn saw movement just out of the circle of light she instinctively flinched. She brought the torch over to face this new threat and simultaneously turned her head away. As she moved her fingers closed reflexively around the trigger of the megaphone. A pop of feedback burst from the device, echoing down the tunnel.

Katelyn let out a small scream at the noise and instantly dropped it, ending the noise in a rough clatter of hard plastic. The noise had hurt her ears somewhat, but it was the shock of it all that had got to her. Trying her hardest not to run off crying, Katelyn lifted the torch to see who had scared her and saw the first relief this horrible game had allowed her. The person approaching her was Marion Summers, a nice, bright girl Katelyn knew from round school. Sure, they weren't close or anything, but Katelyn knew she wasn't a psychopath or anything, wasn't she vegetarian or something? Realising she was shining her torch in Marion's face, Katelyn quickly brought it down to the ground.

"Sorry," she replied, "I guess I got a little startled there..."

Another person stepping into the light produced a similar reaction from Katelyn. Flinching again, she glanced at the newcomer. Aston or Ashlie or something. She'd always seemed a little wrapped up in herself, which Katelyn considered bad enough in normal circumstances, but in the present situation it could be fatal. She hadn't shot them or anything, which was a plus, but Katelyn's greeting stuck in her throat. This girl was making her anxious, and the fact that she was nearly a foot taller than Katelyn wasn't helping things.
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