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'Cat ears? What the hell were they thinking?' Garry thought in bewilderment as he heard the girl give out her weapon. 'They're next to useless, how is she supposed to defend herself with those? Anyway, I'd better answer Saul.'

"Yeah, you can join us," Garry spoke, smiling as best he could, given their current circumstances. Put on an island and forced to fight to the death, there was precious little to smile about. "Who is it you're looking for, by the way?"

Somewhere in the vicinity, a branch snapped. Garry immediately turned to face where the noise came from, holding the ji out in front of him. He glared past the blades at whatever, or whoever, had just turned up on their doorstep. "Who's there?" he demanded.

G109: Miranda Merchant - V4 Start

'This... this is a disaster,' Miranda thought, having trudged close to the base of the mountain for the past half an hour. Her normally sleek blonde hair was speckled with dirt and twigs from when she'd woken up on the ground, and one of her sandles looked like it was going to fall apart at any second. 'I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere, I've lost some hearing in my right ear, I've been told to kill the other students in my grade, and all I have to defend myself with is this piece of shitty wire.'

The length of garrotte wire, her assigned weapon, was held limply in her left hand, while she held an opened water bottle in her right. 'What do I do? Should I do the unthinkable and... fight to survive?' She took a sip of water and shook her head. 'No! I can't do that, it's not right!'

She paused her trek when she heard the sound of talking coming from not too far away, coming from her left. 'Other people! Oh please, please let them be friendly.' Had the voices been coming from her right, she may have not heard them at all due to her ear infection.

She started to make her way to the source of the conversation, unintentionally stepping on a branch as she approached the students. She heard one of them, a male, suddenly call out, having possibly heard the noise she'd generated. "It's me, Miranda," she shouted out in reply, walking out from the trees towards the trio. "D-don't kill me, I come in peace."
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