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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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"I'm going to sound like an idiot for this, cause I know I've seen you around, but what's your name again?". Unsurprising, really. Steve was used to being "that one guy", the one that nobody could quite remember. He had plenty of acquaintances but few actual friends, and most people could remember him for some reason or other despite not knowing his name or where they'd seen him. So, brushing greasy brown locks aside from his eyes, he answered "Steve, Steve Barnes. Don't worry, I don't remember you either."

Well, at least one of them decided to show the courtesy they wanted from him. Steve found his mind wandering for a second, wondering if 'Kimberly' was a normal given name to go with 'Nguyen'. In all honesty, he didn't know much about foreign culture, particularly not Asian. Hell, he couldn't even place the name as Vietnamese.

But as seemed to be happening to so many people, his thoughts were cut short by a pertinent question; "So... What do we do now?". Kimberly had a good point, too. Steve was certainly quite sure that he Shalt Not Kill, and didn't see why either of the two girls would want to start murdering people either. Waiting it out seemed like a bad idea, for if what he'd heard of previous airings, Steve knew that the terrorists didn't just "get bored", because there was always at least one person that caved and started playing... and if not, there was some "we'll blow you all up" clause or other.

But searching for a boat, that did seem like a good plan. It was a long shot trying to escape on one, because any idiot could guess that the collars would automatically go off past a certain radius, or be detonated manually once Danya noticed. However, turning one into an offshore base could work - they had a fair amount of water, they could probably fish, and if the boat were of any significant size, it should be easy to defend. "Yeah, I like the boat idea. We probably can't escape, but at least it's transport and shelter, right?"
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