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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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In movies there's always that moment when the gun is pulled and everything seems to slow down. That brief muzzle flash that denotes the turning point of the movie, the death of a major character. When Jason stared down the barrel of Brook's pistol that is exactly how he felt. His heart rate seemed to slow almost to a stop and everything went quiet, all he could hear was the sharp intake of his breath. Everything was so sharp, he could see the beads of sweat running down Brook's head and the ever slight movement of bark crumbling from the long dead trees. In that moment Jason felt as if he was going to die with absolute certainty.

Brook lowered the gun and collapsed.

Exhaling Jason was pulled back to reality, everything shimmered for a second and returned to normal, no amazing details, no slow motion movement, just him and a broken friend.

Jason frowned and stepped towards Brook. He wasn't quite sure how to deal with the situation in front of him. Brook had rarely cried, if ever and Jason didn't exactly have the crib notes for how to comfort someone in this situation. So Jason did what he thought was closest, first aid shock treatment. Bending over near Brook Jason awkwardly put his arm over his friend's shoulder and patted him. He didn't know what to say, so said the first thing that came in to his mind.

"Cheer up emo kid."

Jason stifled a laugh. The whole thing was preposterous but humour was great to snap people out of shock. Hopefully it would ease Brook's nerves. Looking up and checking to see if no one was coming

"Suppose you could say this is a... killer school trip." The Australian paused and cocked his head, smiling ever so slightly looking down at Brook (something that didn't happen often).

He knew he had to calm Brook down and figured this might be his best bet for now. It was lucky he had stumbled across his friend so early. Things could of been much, much worse, plus they both had guns which meant that they were luckier than most. With Brook watching his back Jason felt at least a little more at ease than he did before.


Focus, be alert.

Even now he couldn't be letting his guard down. He needed to get Brook up on his feet and at least coherent and group up with anyone else who would be willing to work together. Jason had no illusions about getting off the island alive, but damn it if he was going to let his friends die. Things had started to crystallize in his mind. Find his friends and ensure they were the last ones standing, tell them as much as he could and at least one of them could get home and tell their stories to their loved ones. He had no doubt there would be players and many people trying to escape. A fools hope and statistically one that would cause the deaths of those trying. Better to play smart, group up and make sure the one who won deserved it.

"Right mate, first things first we've got to have a plan."

Jason then proceeded to coldly and logically tell Brook his thoughts. He had bottled all his fears and terrors away but he could hear them, scratching and clawing at that closet door in his mind, ready to pounce. If being cold and logical kept them at bay, thats what he would do. Still he could hear them back there.

In the dark.


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