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((Understood, removing GM.))

Alex shuffled out of cover in silence and peeked through the trees. The girl with the gun was leaving... It had been a completely wasted effort. However, that club could come in handy.

I can't expose myself now, she'll shoot.

He turned to Rena, who was still facing away from him. He was silent and he prepared himself for a fight. He took one crouched step, then another, then another. The girl started backing towards him. He stopped and exposed his full height. She would step back into his restrictive embrace.

Don't turn around, that's it closer, closer... got'cha

His right hand would grab the club. His left hand would shut her up. Alex gulped and prepared himself. He looked over his shoulder, hoping steel sights were not trained on his torso or head. Alex wanted to shut his eyes and hide again, but it was too late. He had committed himself to attacking Rena. A woman. Alex had never hit a woman in his life.

I am not dying here!
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