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((Thea Kairos G067 start))

Thea stalked through the woods totally pissed off at the whole situation. She’d awakened on the ground in the middle of the forest. Hello, this outfit is designer. Those dirt stains were going to need to be dry cleaned to get out. They couldn’t be serious about this nonsense, this fighting to the death thing. Whatever! Didn’t they know who she was, she had to be worth more to the alive then dead.

She stumbled and turned around and kicked the offending root as her internal rant continued. And this survival pack, how do they expect us to survive on this. I need to be able to moisturize. Who lives on just this stuff anyway? This is so lame. Thea was so caught up in her own thoughts that she almost missed the large group of her classmates that appeared to be staring up at a tree. What in the world are they doing? As she neared she realized that one of them was James.

Her eyes widened at the fact that he was stuck here with her hadn’t crossed her mind and he’d been next to her on the bus. Thea shook her head at herself, where were her priorities seriously. She’d found James, but Charlene was still out on the island somewhere. Jogging over to him, she caught James from behind pulling him into a hug. “I’m glad you’re okay,” she said. Then her gaze followed his up the tree, where she was greeted with Winnie, who appeared to be stuck.

“There is no way - no way - that I am jumping. Go find a ladder or something," Winnie shouted.

Thea stepped back and hit James lightly on the shoulder. “What’s wrong with the two of you? Climb up and get her. I would but,” she motioned to the skirt she’d chosen to wear for the bus ride. She’d intended to change once they got to the camp or whatever it was, but now, now she was stuck in her skirt. Her suitcase was full of designer jeans. I wonder what happened to them?

“C’mon get a move on,” she said pushing them gently towards the base of the tree. “Hand over hand lets go.”
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Kaliska Day
Kathryn Nguyen G61 - deceased Start
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Thea Kairos - G067 - deceased
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