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it was a graveyard smash
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((Start of G080: Fiona Sparki))

Fiona Sparki awoke to a pleasant light that teased her eyelids into opening. She felt groggy, confused, and slow, but she didn't yet attribute that to earlier events. For now, she was merely surveying her environment. She was leaning against a house in a very pretty location, and she could hear voices, but they felt far away. Stretching out her legs in an attempt to wake up her body and disperse the sleeping gas, Fiona's eyes fell upon her provided black daypack. She immediately reached up for her neck, her fingers meeting cool metal. A damn collar... She couldn't believe it! She felt as if she were in complete shock.

Tears sprung to her eyes and rolled down her cheeks as she thought about how betrayed she felt. She was supposed to be going on a camping trip with the rest of her senior class! Oh, how much she looked forward to it! This wasn't fair. Not fair at all. Drying off her tears on the back of her hand, Fiona slowly stood up and peered around the edge of the house that she was currently behind. She could see a girl standing a short ways away with... a rifle?! Oh lord! People were already serious! She could also spy a boy walking away from the girl. Perhaps they had some sort of altercation? She could imagine the boy begging for mercy as the girl shoved her rifle in his face... He begged for his life, and she agreed for some...reason.

That's silly. This was just the drugs talking. That girl was obviously Jessica, and Jessica would never hurt a fly. Although Fiona didn't know Jessica very well, she'd seen her around once or twice. Being a cheerleader meant that Fiona knew almost everyone, but it also meant that there was a slight stigma to her name. But Fiona wasn't a typical cheerleader. She wasn't blonde, busty, and beautiful. Okay, well she was blonde underneath all the dye and maybe a little busty, but beautiful was something that Fiona could not own up to. She was rocking the rocker chic.

Fiona reminded herself that she could gather her things and move out. It wasn't a wise idea to stay in one place, crying and feeling sorry for herself. But... she could always approach Jessica. Perhaps they could group together or something? Jessica was probably just as scared as Fiona. She didn't want to go in unarmed though, so she took this moment to peer into her bag for her designated weapon of surprise: A felling axe. It was a fairly large weapon with a sharp blade and a long handle. Although it wasn't as menacing as a gun, it definitely looked threatening.

Fiona liked it.

Grabbing it by the handle, she zipped up her daypack and looped the strap around her shoulder. It was now or never. She just prayed that Jessica didn't try to shoot her with that scary rifle of hers. Perhaps Fiona should put the axe away. But before she headed over to the girl, another girl came into view. It was another girl that Fiona wasn't entirely familiar with, but she recognized her from school. Didn't she have a brother? Fiona waited for a moment and watched as the girl approached Jessica and called her name. Jessica didn't seem like she was about to rip Alex to shreds, so Fiona stepped away from the safety of the house's backyard and slowly walked towards the two girls.

When she came within a close distance, she waved and said quietly, "...Hey there. I, uh, I don't know if you two know me, but I'm Fi-Fiona! I saw you two from over there," Fiona pointed to the house behind her, "and I thought I'd come over and..." There was another pause as Fiona collected her thoughts. She had yet to notice the dead body of Warren Brown. "It's just good to see other people..."
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