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((Alex Jackson start))

Alex Jackson shot to her feet at the sound of a gunshot in the distance. That couldn’t be a good sign. She was still shaking off the effects of whatever had knocked them out and people were already using weapons. Alex had to admit that she’d been caught up in SOTF the last time it had aired, but she didn’t remember the violence happening quite so early in the game.

She turned a corner and froze. This was some sick game, some sick fight to the death game and her whole senior class was here, the whole senior class including her brother. Roman, where was Roman. She hadn’t seen him earlier, when they were getting the rundown on what was in their packs.

Speaking of which she hadn’t even checked to see what her weapon was, she continued forward cautiously as she began to dig in her pack. Her eyes widened slightly as her hands came into contact with the cold steel at the bottom of her bag. That made her feel slightly better even if she had no idea how to use it, at least she had it and not someone else.

Alex stopped and peered around the corner to find Jessica standing alone in the town center, holding some kind of gun. There was a kid lying on the ground next to her. What the? Alex thought. There was no way Jessica had done that, not the Jessica she’d known at school. Although maybe she’d changed here on the island.

Alex stood still rocking from one foot to another torn with indecision, something that was almost completely foreign to her. Where’s Roman when I need him, she thought. With that Roman was once again forefront in her mind. Where was her brother? Was he okay? She had to find him. He might not always be her favorite person, but he was her brother. Her father’s voice floated through her head, reminding her of the importance of family.

Okay, first thing then, find Roman, Alex decided. Right, okay right after I figure out what went on here with Jessica, then find Roman. Roman will be okay, he’s a Jackson. His model, puzzle ability might actually help him. Shocking. So, not helping, your brother is missing and you’re still criticizing him. FOCUS!

Alex shook her head and took the last bit of her own advice. She needed to focus. Focusing would keep her alive, hopefully. Sighing she stepped forward cautiously and hailed her friend. “Jessica,” she called her hand resting lightly on the weapon inside her bag.
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