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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Ivan had passed his credo to the island. His code was set, and he was sure in what he was going to do, even if he hadn't said it aloud yet. Silence was perfectly alright with him, as the waves had a lot more to say, and could speak volumes more of meaning and deepness than he ever could. Everything he had wanted to say, he said in life. His real life, not the pale imitation he was about to hold on the island for a few days. His few last days.

Maybe, maybe when the area he was in was declared a danger zone (a tiny fragment remaining from that previous, terrible night), he would find a nearby camera and talk to Louis for the last time. Tell him all his plans for them both, and what Louis would now have to carry out on his own. A message for him to give to his mother and aunt, both of which he was sure would be unable to bring themselves to watch the television... he knew he wouldn't be able to. But that was then, and this was currently nothing, no time of particular interest. Just... watching the waves until he died.

The plodding of footsteps had decided to crash Ivan's party, however. His ear tickled a bit as he caught the sound, and his eyes opened, brow furrowed.

What the... they sound pretty fast!

He had barely enough time to make this observation, rising to his feet and taking a single step away from the tree before something collided with him from behind. He let out a grunt from the impact, but it also held tones of a scream, something that he wouldn't have cared to admit any other time. Here, though, Ivan knew he was scared, scared and thankful that he had a relatively empty bladder.

Adrenaline had pushed through the floodgates that were opening inside of him. Ivan took a couple steps forward in order to keep his balance and not fall on his face, but he lacked his arms for balance. They were both pinned to his sides by another pair of arms wrapped firmly around him in a surprisingly powerful grip. Probably a member of the football team, maybe basketball, or somebody who liked wrestling... all the more reason for Ivan to be scared. At least his glasses had managed to stay on his face, no mean feat. Green was supposed to be a calming color, but the tint of his lenses was far too little to keep the boy calm as he staved off a student obviously trying to kill him.

In the space of a second, Ivan released his grip on the umbrella in his left hand, letting it fall away from him to the side, lifted his chin up, and pushed out laterally with his shoulders as much as he could. His short stature was feasibly one strike against him; if he wasn't careful, somebody bigger could try and use this against him, as somebody was doing now. His muscles weren't meant to push the offender, his predator, off of him, but just disorient the grip enough for his next trick to work.

Exhaling in the form of a louder growl of fury, Ivan brought is head foward and down, raising his right foot to swing back and smash his heel into the shin of whatever person was grabbing him. He overshot a little in the panic, however, but it worked out alright. Now it was his calf aiming for their shin, which still should have been enough to disrupt the footing of his assaulter. Finally, he shoved his elbows out as the final cataclyst of momentum, swinging the person over his shoulder.

"Get... the FUCK... OFF!"

The moment the grappler had hit the ground, Ivan immediately identified her as female. There was a bit of shame to go along with that... for a girl, she was a very strong one. However, this island did not play gender favoritism, and Ivan had to play the same way. Quickly bending down to snatch up his umbrella, he stood up again, lined up his shoulders to the fallen girl, and pointed the umbrella directly at her face.

"Don't move. Don't scream. Who are you, what the hell do you want, and what do you have on you!?"
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