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Where modesty's ill manners, 'tis but fit that impudence and malice pass for wit.
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((Eiko Haraguchi START))

The same door that Peter headed towards opened, revealing Eiko as few had seen her. Normally in school, she would dress impeccably, with high-class outfits that seemed just a bit out of place at school. But lately she'd been loosening up at school, dressing like she wasn't at the office. Thus she currently wore a green polo shirt and khakis, though she kept her shoes, purse, and glasses, naturally.

But even when she'd loosened her wardrobe, she's always made sure to wear them in a formal fashion, neat and professional. Such was not the case here. Eiko was a mess. She wore her glasses askew and her makeup was beginning to run. Her eyes were red and puffy, and she was ashamed to admit that she'd cracked her facade when the truth of the matter sank in.

But really, how could she not? All her life, her parents had made sure that their darling daughter was ready for anything that had come her way, for any challenge that she could meet on the way to success. Her life was a carefully calculated balance, scheduled on a minute-by-minute basis. The studious, hardworking world of Japan necessitated that she work hard and intelligently. She kept on top of her studies, earning only the best grades, and even managed to make a few friends in the meantime.

Moving to Minnesota was a bit of a stumbling block, but she'd come out of it well, since she was already fluent in the language before she came. The relaxed academic standards at the school meant that she could concentrate more on a social life. She'd been open, talking to many people and hitting it off with some of them. She was well on track to graduating with honors, with plenty of contacts to network with during her college years.

Then this bombshell hit her, and none of it mattered. There were two options available to her: die and waste all of her efforts thus far, or kill her way out of the island, ruining her reputation and preventing her from ever going to college or holding a job for the rest of her life. No murderer had ever gone on to be an executive. Not one. The worst part was, she could have avoided this. She could have taken precautions like she always did. The odds were slim that this would happen to her, true, but she could have easily reduced them to zero!

As she stumbled out of the mansion in shock, she noticed Peter Siu walking towards her. She stepped back before remembering who she was thinking of. Peter was a good, kind person, a member of the Christian club, which she visited once out of curiosity. Unlike so many religious Americans she'd seen, he was genuinely concerned with the well-being of other people and his mannerisms didn't reek of insincerity like some people thought hers did.

That was a painful thought.

"Peter," she said, gathering her breath and thinking of what to say to him.
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