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Winnie hasn't relaxed her grip by the time Ricky Fortino - recognized only because she had occasionally entertained brief fantasies about him - wandered under the tree. She knew, in some far off and rational part of her brain, that she didn't have to be holding quite so tightly, but the rest of her brain was screaming at her that if she so much as moved a muscle, the tree would fling her off, down to the unforgiving forest floor. So she didn't respond, terror closing her throat more effectively than a gag.

And not moments after him came James. He didn't appear to notice her right away, but soon enough was calling out, generally sounding panicky. She ignored him, pressing herself a little closer into the branch. Terrifying as this was, she couldn't help but start to appreciate her precarious position. In the tree, no one could get her, right? Maybe she could just stay here. It was kind of peaceful.

James was saying something. She risked a tiny movement, allowing her head to come up, and realized....oh god, he wanted her to JUMP?

The thought startled her enough that she spoke without realizing it, voice shrill with stress, cracking in the middle. "You want me to what? Are you crazy? I am not doing that!"

Her grip tightened another iota, and she pressed her cheek into the rough bark, dull anger filling her at the ridiculousness of the request.

"There is no way - no way - that I am jumping. Go find a ladder or something!" Stress was shaking her usually painfully shy personality, letting her lash out without any embarrassment. She barely noticed Raine's arrival, preoccupied with securing herself firmly to the wood below her.

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