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Kyle heard the voices, but it seemed they hadn't heard him. He thanked whatever deities may exist that they hadn't. The three... no, four, one was hiding behind a small fairway game, girls hadn't noticed him as he stealthily stepped around to the back of Nancy. She preferred to go by Gracie, but half of fighting was psychology, and it was the half Kyle was especially good at. As he stepped forward, he noticed a red backpack sitting near a defunct game. Kyle recalled hearing Anna asking for it. It looked like she wasn't wearing her glasses, which would probably be why.

He smoothly slid the knife into his hand as he stepped up behind Gracie. Anna was looking frightened and slightly bewildered, and Kitty was holding some sort of canister. Kyle barely got a glimpse of the label. "M18 Yel...," that was all he managed to read. It looked like some sort of... grenade. Now was a bad time to approach, and yet here he was doing it. He stepped just to the edge of his arm's reach, and said, "Hey! Nancy!"

Right after he said it, he threw a punch toward the back of Gracie's head. He hoped by the time it connected, it would be the front of Gracie's head.
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