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B001 - Rein Bumgarner - Start

Rein woke up with one of the worst headaches he had ever had in his life. On the bright side he was enjoying every single moment of it. The young German masochist always enjoy having a good headache. It was this nice throbbing feeling that wasn't actually harmful or visible. It was his own private pain.

Then he began to feel his surroundings. It wasn't a nice comfy bed he was sleeping on but instead some dirt, twigs, rock and other natural things you would find outside. He went ahead to sit up and look around. The destructive sight was slightly confusing at first. What was he doing here? Wasn't he just on a bus a while ago? Yeah he was and then...

And then the kidnapping. It all became clear to him now. Every single student in the trip was kidnapped and put in the most violent entertainment game ever. Survival of the Fittest. The news slowly crept up to him. All of his friends were now in a life and death situation. Even his best friend Gary. They were all going to have to fight and die. Except Elaine who was home safely. Rein felt relief wash over him as he realize his girlfriend was home safe. Nothing could make him more happier then knowing that. As long as she was safe he couldn't care less about his safety at this point. She meant the world to him. Instead his thoughts wander to Gary.

His best friend was still in danger.

Without hesitation Rein stood up and look at the bag he had given him. He gave a small laugh at the number he had which was 001. Great so he was number one. What did that mean? He was first pick by the terrorist? Who knows. What was more important was what was inside the bag. He quickly went towards it and search the items he was given inside the bag. Apart from what was shown by Danya he had two extra items. First was a small knife in which Rein figure he could only use in a very desperate situation. The second was a picture of him, Elaine and Gary side by side. He took a moment to look at it. It shock him to know he might never see Elaine again or that Gary might be dead the next minute. That the three of them would never be together again. He took a moment to close his eyes. Even do the thoughts were hurting him he knew what Elaine would want him to have done. Find Gary and get him home.

Putting the picture in his pocket he stood up with a knife in hand and the bag toss over his shoulder. He had to move fast to find Gary and make sure he was still alive. He started a light job in a random direction and hoping he was going the right way. Then all the shouting began. First it started off with a guy screaming. Then it was follow by a girl. So obviously people were alive and nearby. He went towards the direction of the voices. As much as Gary was on the top of the to save list he had to make sure these people were okay. He wouldn't be able to die knowing he could of made a difference for someone. Only a short while after did he notice a guy with a wooden sword and a girl with a gun... Rein wasn't sure if this was the best situation to enter but he felt he might as well talk to both of them. Walking towards them he wave with his hand that had the knife.

"Hey dere! My name is Rein! Vho are you guys?" He call out.
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While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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