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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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Phil grinned as Dom chucked the bag over to him. Dumping his own so he would have a free hand he narrowed his eyes at his victim "Yeah thats what I thought." The branch snap was probably just a small animal or something. No one had come out to reprimand him, or shoot him. Striding forward Phil grabbed Dom by the scruff of the neck with his spare hand and pushed him back, making the boy fall over just out of sight of Tiffany's hiding place.

"Ya got a big mouth kid and you're lucky I'm such a nice guy. Anyway else would'a run you through." Phil gave the prone form of Dom a swift kick. "You get the hell outta here. If I see you again you're dead meat. Got it?"

Phil snarled again and swiped his claw across Dom's face, mere inches from his nose. Seeing that the boy was sufficiently cowed he spat and turned away, yelling in to the clearing.

"I'm fucking in charge now and where the *fuck* is everyone!"

Stomping back to the two duffels he unzipped Dom's emptying the contents on the ground, kicking away the book and hurling the torch at the still shivering form of his classmate after removing the batteries and stuffing them in his pocket.

"Here you corpse, a little something for your troubles." Phil laughed as he stuffed Dom's rations in to his own bag as well as the medkit.

Getting ready to move off and pulling out his map he stopped for a second, staring near Tiffany's hiding place. Phil squinted. Did he just see somebody moving? He paused once more waiting for a sign to confirm that he did see something. Waiting a few seconds he saw no more movement. So he shrugged and turned away, looking back down at the map and thinking about where to go.

He wasn't the best with geography so this was going to take awhile.
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