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Eve breathed gently in and out as she walked to the end of the pier. The person at the other end stood up, as tall as a very short person could. Raising an eyebrow, she gave a sigh, thinking she might have got the gender wrong for once. The guy... or girl... whatever, the person was pale and freckled, a mane of fire around her face. The person's clothes left something to be desired though. It just made her look like another ordinary person, one very bland person you'd pass in the street.

"Nah. First time. Nothing like the ads on TV."

She tried to smile, but... she just didn't feel like it. With a vacant stare, she looked out into the deep blue sea, placing her bag onto the pier. "The name's Eve. Dancer, mother of one." Holding out her hand to the side, she went to shake.


Eve's ears screamed at her. Years of listening to music had made them sensitive, able to pick up the quietest bits in a song. In the middle of rushing waves and some birds chirping, a small sliding sound behind her said something very bad: another person.

Quietly as possible, she whispered to the other person.

"There's someone watching us."
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