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(( G113 Aston Bennett Start))

Aston sniffed a few times.

The smell of dirt and moisture.

She opened her eyes and found darkness.

Sitting up, she rubbed some dirt off her cheek and felt around for her pack as she thought about what Mr. Danya had said.

Survival of the Fittest huh? Never thought she'd find herself smack dab in the middle of this game. Then again, she suspected no one did.

Aston found two packs in the darkness. The one she'd brought for the trip, minus a few things, and the provisions pack.

What else had he said was in here?

Oh. A weapon. She rummaged around for a minute before feeling cold metal. She pulled the handgun out and tried to focus on it in the dark. Frowning and placing the gun back in her bag, she slung both packs over her shoulder and began to walk down the tunnel.

Aston squinted and threw up her hands at the sudden light from the tunnel she'd turned into, expecting someone to attack while she was blinded. But when she regained her sight she realized it was just a couple of girls sitting there, talking. Normally she would consider both of them beneath her but she didn't really have another choice at the moment. She sighed and stepped into the light, calling out to them.

"Hey! Either of you know what the hell's going on?"
G113 Aston Bennett - "Of course I know what I can do for you, but what advantage can you offer me?"
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