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Oh god.

It was a boy.

Now, Maria wasn't exactly the flirtatious type. Hell, she hardly talked to boys at all. Ten years of gender-separated Catholic school education meant that she was most comfortable around girls. Boys made her nervous as hell, truth be told. Especially here, considering that everyone was supposedly out to kill each other...and all she had to defend herself with was a flashlight and a postcard...Oh...oh my god...

I'm going to die, aren't I?

For a moment, it was pure fear. Then, reason.

No...no I'm not. Boys...boys are easily manipulated, right? Right. So are girls, but...eh...I'll just get them to love me. Easy enough. They can take care of the bad guys for me.

Maria made a face, just thinking that. Relying on some boys to keep her safe...she didn't exactly have a choice in the matter, but it was still enough to make her cringe. Maybe I can just...keep them around and...get one of their weapons? Maybe I can protect myself...but I need a gun or something. In the meantime, though...dumb muscle.

Maria shook her head, concentrating. Now was the time to act- to act, as in to pretend. She'd have to be sympathetic. It wasn't too hard to make herself tear up- she was, after all, terrified- though doing so made her more angry at herself than anything. She held the flashlight tight in her hand as she made her way, slowly, towards the voice she'd just heard.

"J-John?" Maria said somewhat loudly, this time purposely letting the fear come through in her voice. She searched through her memory banks for a John. There was...well, she couldn't say nothing. There was more than one John in the school, after all. "I...My name's Maria...I n-need help..." Her voice decreased in volume and fell to a whisper as she suddenly came upon the boy she'd been looking for.

He had a gun. A BIG gun.

Maria whimpered- a real, unplanned reaction, which she was immediately irritated at herself for. He has a gun. Whatever. That's good. The better to protect me with. And to steal later, maybe. She rubbed at her eyes, partially because she was tired and partially to provoke herself into producing more tears.

"Ah...um, hello. I...Hah, I don't really know what to do...m-my only weapon is a postcard..." She hoped she looked properly pathetic as she whispered those words.

And then, more unforeseen circumstances.

The bushes behind her rattled.

Maria screamed, again- not planned, again- and whirled around to find another boy. Another boy with a gun.

Either I'm getting a really good bodyguard squad together, or I'm gonna be really dead, really soon.
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