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(Marion Summers G074 start)

Marion groaned and sat up slowly. She looked around in an attempt to take in her surroundings. It wasn’t easy to do, in the darkness. She must be in a cave. But what was she doing there? She remembered a particularly disturbing dream. It had to be a dream; her teachers couldn’t possibly have been killed in front of her. People were better than that. They were supposed to be on senior trip.

Although, how’d she get here? She let out a sigh; she wasn’t going to figure anything out sitting here in the dark. Marion stood slowly and a bag dropped to the ground landing with a thunk. That’s not mine, she thought. Wait, that man said something about a pack of essentials. She bent to scoop it up. Wow, it’s really heavy. Opening it she found the items that had been described and something else. A sickle with a heavy chain attached to it. It looks like something from a karate movie. What am I supposed to do with it?

She sighed again squinting into the bag in the darkness. This must be my weapon, she thought, and then froze. Wait, if this is my weapon and bag then that means this dream was real! She took several deep breaths trying to fight off the overwhelming panic. It can’t be real, can it? She’d seen SOTF a couple of times, but wasn’t an avid fan. People didn’t interest Marion as much as the environment, and if a bunch of actors wanted to go around pretending to kill each other. Well let them. Except, except she wasn’t an actress and yet somehow she’d ended up on this, this, wherever she was.

Realizing again that standing here in the dark wasn’t gaining her anything; she took a cautious step forward. She’d gone a few feet when suddenly the tunnel ahead filled with light. Moving more confidently now that she could see where she was going, she headed towards the light. She let out a nervous giggle at the realization of how that phase was normally used. Marion stumbled forward and found a giggling Katelyn…Katelyn something staring down into her own bag.

Marion froze and was suddenly cautious. A little late now, she told herself. Keeping a small distance between them she waved to get the other girl’s attention. “Hi,” she said simply. “Any idea where we are?”
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