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Tiffany thought she could be brave, like Angelina Jolie in that Tomb Raider movie. Well, minus the shooting guns and beating up people part. But now that she was seeing what could really be a student murdering another, well cold feet would be an understatement to what she was feeling.

She wanted to stand up and tell them to stop fighting. She wanted to tell them that what they were doing was wrong, and that they should work together. She wanted to be brave.

There was a voice calling out to her. She recognized the voice to belong to Dominic Stratford. He was a nice and gentle guy. She remembered him talking about the times he had volunteered at the animal shelter. A nice guy like him didn't deserve to die. Someone needed to stop this.

But she was alone and afraid. There was someone here threatening to hurt Dominic. If she stood up, she'd be killed too. She didn't want to die. She just wanted to find her friends.

Tiffany curled up in the shadow of the tree trunk. If she didn't move or say anything, maybe the boy with the claws would just leave her alone.

And Dominic would be dead.

Merciful God. I'm sorry I couldn't be strong for him.

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Rest in peace

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