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Janet nearly laughed at that. It made so little sense. She stopped acting like a frightened child to get haughty, a favorite pastime.

"If you were just going to give up when I ran, what was the point of trying to intimidate me into giving you it? Of course I'm not going to fight you, you're nearly twice my weight and definitely stronger than me. Even with the Hockey Stick to amplify my strength, you're more likely to beat me than I am to beat you," she said, straightening her back so she no longer looked like she was cowering. The time to act was over. Now was the time to act! ... Wait. That wasn't right.

She pushed that distraction out of her mind and moved back another foot. Now she judged that she was out of Robert's lunging range, which put her at a slight advantage.

"If you're not going to commit, you should leave. You will not be able to take this from me by force."
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