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Alexander Campbell, Peter had deduced, was one of those smart aleck kids that thought the world would bow under their feet. If he really believed he could outsmart Danya's people, then there wasn't much Peter could do to convince him otherwise. This argument was not something he was going to come out on top of, because the other was too blinded by the carrot being dangled for him to see the facts.
Hard to beat someone that has a gun, when all I have is a sword.
Fucking idiots.

Peter would've said something particularly nasty at this point if they hadn't been interrupted by the appearance of a girl rustling her way through the tall grass. Charlene Norris. Peter could recognize those tits from anywhere. She'd been flashing those things around school since the day he'd started, and that didn't get into the more ridiculous things she'd do at some of the parties he'd seen her at. She also wasn't particularly bright, from what Peter could remember. Not somebody he'd want to get involved in a discussion about escaping. He gave her a glance acknowledging her presence.
Gotta admit, she IS hot. Also stupid.
At least her interruption had given him time to rethink what he was about to say. Acting like an insufferable prick to an insufferable idiot when guns were involved was definitely not... tactful.

And then Alexander Campbell had gone on and on about how there might be a way out, presumably his inspired master plan. If he was going to just keep talking about it, Peter was just going to leave. He dug the island map out from its hiding spot in his pocket. There was a building not too far in the distance, so he was probably at the greens. He could at least store his sleeping bag and some of his heavier clothes away there, so it would be his next destination.
Also, there might be fresh meat there to carve. Guns are such a killjoy.
A piece of paper flitting in the gentle breeze drew Peter's attention back to the two guys in front of him. Well, at least he had smartened up a little and stopped using nearly as easily trackable ways of communication. He took the paper and held it up to read.
For the record, I think they were trying to keep the paper covert. Nice job breaking it.
It was still a flawed idea, but it had a better chance of working than an escape. Relatively, a 1% increase from 0 was an amazing increase in odds, but it was still objectively 1% odds. "This is a stupid plan," Peter started, but understanding hit him. These guys had already felt the fear of the game, and were trying to cling on to the one thing positive they had left: hope.
False hope. They're still going to die and it's gonna suck for them.
As long as they had that, they wouldn't play. In a way, Peter would be protecting them from some of the horrors of the game. They needed that hope, and Peter was about to just blow the whole thing up in their faces. But there was still time to recover.
Ooooh. How about ninjas? That'll keep them from gunning you down.
"I have no idea how you plan on finding the tank you need for this plan. Do you guys even know how to drive a tank? Jeez...." It wasn't the best of misinformation campaigns, but hopefully Alexander and Jonathan would get that he wasn't totally against their plan. "There might still be some cars around. Hopefully one of you guys know how to hotwire." He passed the sheet of paper back to Alexander, when Jonathan made a comment that made Peter scowl. A kid like that wasn't doing Alexander's plan any favors. Still, Peter had to give them whatever hope they could find. "Also, make good use of your maps. Make sure everyone you find studies it carefully. If there's any way off the island, your first hint will be there."
Wow. Could I be any less clear? Nobody's going to get it because nobody picks apart sentences like me.
Maybe they wouldn't understand it. Peter sometimes put way too much subtlety into his words, which were offset by the times he'd say something without thinking. If they could find somebody to recognize the map and dispatch help....

Peter shook the idea out of his head. He wasn't going to get suckered into it like some others. He needed to stay focused on what was real and in front of him.
Real: three people that are also in a kill or be killed situation. If I get lucky, I can kill all three. Starting with the gun.
He slung his backpack over his shoulder with a grunt. "Good luck with your plan. You'll need it." Peter started walking, taking large steps over the annoying tall grass. It didn't look like a particularly short walk over to the building. There'd be some time to think while he walked.
Boooooring. I hope there's someone to cut up in that building.

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