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Jason saw the two figures look towards him as he walked towards them. The girl he recognized straight away. Sarah Xu. Always involved in that political activism. Jason had always thought that activity a little daft, but hey, she wasn't throwing Molotovs at anybody, so he was okay with it. The blond guy, he'd seen around, but couldn't quite place him. As Jason got closer to the two, he noticed that Sarah's clothes were splattered with blood, although physically, she seemed fine.

Mrs. Bishop. She'd tried to escape and gotten blown away. Sarah must have been close. He looked over at the blond guy, whom he was starting to recognize. Dutchy, everyone called him. The Scandinavian guy whose nose was always bandaged. He was about to open his mouth when he heard a guy screaming.


He turned towards the voice for a second, shocked. Was someone scared? Hurt? Or just pissed off?

"Sarah ... Sarah, guys. GUYS. What's going on exactly...?" Dutchy asked, still dumbfounded.

Jason had figured out the situation pretty quickly (he had realized everything within about, what? Three minutes tops?). He hated it, but he couldn't deny it. He lowered his hands and took a deep breath.

"Dutchy ... I guess you're still sorting everything out. I know I'm still wondering a little. But given the collars and the blood and everything, the immediate situation is pretty clear. Bayview Secondary School is now on Survival of the Fittest. That asshole Danya is hoping we'll all kill each other rather than stay strong." He noted the spear beside Dutchy (he didn't know Dutchy had a harpoon, and he had merely guessed based on the positioning that the harpoon was Dutchy's anyway, but Jason was relatively close on the matter).

"Looks like you got a good draw." Jason held up his left hand, spreading out the fan. "Much better than this piece of crap." He motioned towards the direction of the scream with his right hand, still clutching the can of beer, the opening Jason had unconsciously covered up with his thumb.

"You think we should check it out? He might be in trouble."
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