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Roland could feel the blood pumping through him as he made his way down the hallway, his knife gripped tightly in his arm, ready to strike at a moments notice. The noise was close, he could hear the voice again, a girls voice. It seemed familiar to Roland, but he wasn't exactly sure why.

Stupid, this is an island filled with your classmates. Of COURSE their voices sound familiar, you've been to school with them for 4 years...

His heart beat faster. He turned the corner and mercifully saw no one. They were close. A boy now, and the girl. Talking. No gunfire yet, no screams yet. He proceeded onwards down the hall.

Yeah, but in 4 years have any of them learned enough about you so they decide AGAINST killing you on sight? Shit, what if they have a gun? Oh God help me, I'm fucked if they have a gun.... Christ, focus Roland focus! You're an army boy, you need to keep your mind on the mission ahead.

Suddenly as Roland neared the end of the hall, he froze. The mirrors. He could see someone in the mirrors. Footsteps. Sweat began to drip from his forehead. He pushed up his glasses and prepared his knife. A swift jab to the ribs would be enough to take someone down if he put enough force behind it. If he twisted, they'd be as good as fucked trying to yank the blade out...

Roland, you twisted fuck. You macabre twisted fuck, thinking like that? You can't just think like that! God.. God dammit, this is it. Pray they don't have a gun. Pray they don't rush you. Just fucking pray.

Roland yelled out a warcry and rushed around the corner, blade raised, his free hand out. He saw the figure for the first clear time and his eyes went wide with shock as he stood in front of her.

Isabel. Fucking Isabel GUERRA. I know this girl. I KNOW THIS GIRL. God have mercy...

A flash of steel in the dark and Roland found himself backing up. He'd surprised her yes, but she was armed evidently. He could only pray that it was a knife rather than a gun.

"Isabel! Drop it! Drop the knife and back up!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, in a bid to scare the girl. He kept his free hand out and his weapon back, no need to show and tell. "Don't do anything stupid here!"
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