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....The fuck is going on?

Jay Holland stood in the clearing, looking down at the damp pile of clothing. He'd expected blood. He'd expected bullets and gunfire and explosions and his classmates already tearing each other to shreds. He didn't expect to find a pile of clothes.

GIRLS clothes at that. Worn and dirty yes, but there was no mistaking them. A skirt, blouse, the works. Someone had been here. That someone had stripped down, and was now probably running around the island. Naked.

...That's hot.

Jay couldn't help but grin as he stared down at the pile of clothes. He couldn't help imagining the reasoning behind such a weird act.

I mean, what, 1-2 hours into the game and this girl strips down? Is she gonna distract us with her jubblies before she plugs us? Pfffhaha. Jubblies. Where did that come from?

Jay kicked the pile of clothes around in the dirt. The forest had been pretty much silent on his walk over, he hadn't yet seen a single one of his classmates. He'd started to consider the possibility that this was an elaborate prank pulled on him.

Maybe. Maybe, that's the explanation for everything. They expect me to go ape-shit and they'll film me, then they'll come out and I'll have a mental breakdown on camera when I realize it was all a big macabre joke. Then we'll get pizza. DOMINOS PIZZA. I could really use some Domino's right now. Fuuuuck....

He reached up and rubbed his throat. The pain in it had gotten slightly worse as he walked. He was beginning to wonder if laying in the middle of the forest for so long had actually made him sick.

That would be the most anticlimactic thing EVER. I'd probably get killed by some scared ass chick, like Carly. Oh! Or Sarah. She's probably flipping her lid right now. Heheh... Poor girl. That's sad. I hope no one's actually gone ass-up fucking bonkers yet or el- HOLY SHIT, PANTIES.

Jay dropped to the ground and tossed his gun aside, he began to rifle through the dirty skirt. Sure enough, Jay pulled up a pair of girls underwear, high for all to see, like a trophy.


Jay glanced around at the clearing around him. Cameras. Where were the cameras? He began to wave the panties around in the air, smiling and laughing.

"Yo' hey, cuntfuck Danya! Everyone at home! Check it out! Check it out! Panties! SotF Panties, ALL UP. IN. THIS BITCH!" He laughed and spun around the clearing.

"I'm not killing school kids, I'm too busy finding used fucking PANTIES! What the fuck, this is so fucking stupid!" He began to wave the trophy around over his head, and hum the American Anthem.

Wow, well, those sick fucks watching at home are getting a different show then they expected from me at least...

Jay's laughter subsided and he picked up his weapon and pack. The thought of a naked girl running around the island scared shitless, while he was walking around with her panties was too hilarious. A fresh wave of laughter enveloped him and he stuffed the panties in his back pocket. Looking up into the trees, Jay laughed.

"See that everyone at home? That's for later."

Ewww. When would I even get the TIME to masturbate on an Island full of psychopaths? Oh well. At least everyone at home knows I'm not some sadistic bastard gunning for my former friends... They just think I'm a pervert. A FUNNY pervert though. Good for ratings. And I mean, on this show I think the viewers probably need a laugh... They probably think I'm stoned. Ohhh shit, I wish I was stoned. Well, least I'll get a cool gravestone. Here lies Jay Holland. He came, he saw, he mostly came in some panties he fou-

The scream was loud and close. Jay's eyes grew wide with shock as his vision snapped upwards. He raised his Nambu instinctively in the direction, and froze in fright.

Shit, I don't even know how to use this thing yet and I'm waving it around like Bruce assfucking Willis! Assfucking Will... Oh shit pay attention Jay! Someone's dying! This is REAL. THIS IS DANGEROUS.

He could hear a girl yelling something, rather high pitched. She sounded like she was in trouble. Trouble. Danger.

Oh fuck. Am I going to play the hero? I'm playing the hero. My balls are going to get blown APART.

He bounded through the forest in the direction of the noise, hoping he wasn't too late to stop the bloodshed.

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