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"Shame..." Robert replied, but frankly he wasn't really expecting any other answer from the girl. She still looked afraid, but he doubted it will paralyze her enough before taking action, and that would be unfortunate. Getting hands dirty, and probably taking a blow or two were perfectly okay with him, but risking an injury just to get his hands on a Hockey Stick which was a tier C weapon at best? That's just not smart.

I need a different approach... Rob always liked to stick with one tactic, but as on the court - if one's not working, you need to try something else. Maybe if he could provoke Janet into doing something stupid, he could use it to his advantage. It worked against cocky opponents during dribbles and stuff like that. The girl was probably anything but cocky, but it was worth a shot anyway.

"So..." He began talking, while still observing every movement. "I'm not going to lie, I'll just try to take your weapon by force. You can either fight back... Or run away. Think carefully about both options. You probably won't win in a fight, but who knows? Running away is the safer option, hockey stick is not a very rewarding prize for an effort I would put into it so I would probably pass, but... If all you're going to do here is run away before every single intimidating person, then you should ask yourself if you really need that stick, as it will only slow you down..."

If all would fail, he could at the very least deliver a wake-up call to the girl. It wouldn't give Rob any advantage, but that's always an achievement, right?
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