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There wasn't an answer. Rena paused, looking around again. She blinked for a moment, before deciding that standing here and doing nothing wasn't the smartest idea.

Had this been a trap?

She paused, looking around. If this kid had a gun, wouldn't he have shot her? Unless, of course he wanted to draw her out. Or trick her. Or maybe he was actually stuck?

She shook her head. These were kids she went to school with. These weren't people who'd she ever had imagined would be planning to kill her. Or people who'd she be planning to kill. She didn't want to think about this. She didn't want to hurt anyone.

But she didn't want to die either.

Slowly, she backed away, still facing where the voice had come from. The best idea would be to slip away into the forest and hopefully remain unseen. She didn't know these kids. She needed to find people she was sure she could trust.

Although, to be fair, she wasn't really sure she could trust anyone anymore.
It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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