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Harpoons make terrible walking sticks...

As Dutchy approached the lone figure on the beach, he grew increasingly agitated with each stride. Something... something didn't feel right. Dutchy began to feel it was as if he'd forgotten something important, like he'd gone out to the beach and left the stove on. It was stuck in the corner of his mind... he'd glimpse the thought for a second, before it would rush away. It had begun to make him feel uneasy to put it lightly. He knew that whatever it was, whatever was going on, it was incredibly important. But he just couldn't seem to grasp it.

Dang it, this is getting annoying. Like when I get a techno song stuck in my head, but I don't know the words because there ARE no words, so I can't just type into Google, "It's the song that goes bloopy bloop blee bloop" because y'know, I'd get really weird resp... is... is that?

Dutchy squinted as he approached the figure. It couldn't be. Then the realization struck him. His face split into a wide smile and he began to jog over.

Holy crap, Sarah! What's she doing in my dream?

Dutchy shouted out a greeting as he bounded closer towards the girl.

This is getting odder by the second. Of all the people to wake up with on a beach, Sarah Xu-Xu? Looks like I'm lucky, if anyone knows what the heck is up, she will.

Sarah greeted Dutchy as he grew closer, slightly less cheerful then he'd expected. Dutchy frowned as he grew closer. There was something odd about Sarah, she'd gotten something on her shirt... The important thing, Dutchy kept thinking about the important thing, whatever it was. Why couldn't he remember? For a split second, Dutchy heard a loud popping noise in the back of his mind, a quick POP POP POP and his heart began to beat fast.

"Hey Sarah, fancy meeting you here! Whatsa' matter? You sound a little down..." Dutchy said, growing more nervous as he talked.

This isn't right. Something is definitely up. How'd I get on a beach? I'm forgetting something. Something really... really bad.

Dutchy's eyes shot wide open as he grew nearer to Sarah. The gears finally clicked in his mind and he dropped his harpoon in horror, his mouth fell open a gap. He clutched his arms close to his chest, his heart beat fast.

"Holy crap, SARAH! YOU. Y-you, you're, blood! You've got red on you! All over you! An... an... that choker thing I have!" He yelled in horror.

For the first time up close, Dutchy saw that the collar wasn't just an accessory of some kind. It seemed incredibly high-tech, like something out of his comic books. A red light on it blinked steadily, every few seconds. Dutchy slipped backwards, he could feel his face draining of color.

What's so important!? What do I keep...W-why, blood!?! Crap, she's hurt, who'd hurt Sarah!?

Before he could so much as speak another word however, a friendly voice yelled down at the pair. Dutchy jerked his head upwards to see another boy from his school, Jason Clarke, heading towards them on the beach.

"Welc...to Surviva..."


A scream erupted from down the beach and Dutchy looked over, eyes wide with fright. He fell backwards onto the sandy ground. Someone was sitting down the beach... someone... someone... he knew?


"Sarah..." Dutchy spoke slowly. "Sarah, guys. GUYS. What's going on exactly...?"

This had better be a dream. This had BETTER BE A DREAM.
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