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Janet looked down at her weapon, keeping up the frightened girl act. Obviously, giving it to him didn't feature strongly on her list of plans. It was her weapon, and she wouldn't get another one unless she made it herself. And she had really sucked at arts and crafts. She looked back up at Robert, fear still showing in her eyes.

"M-my weapon? B-but... I need it," she said, backing up slightly.

She needed to goad him into moving before she could do anything. She really didn't want to strike at him, but he was likely to be able to keep up with her if she just took off. She was fast and she could go for a while, but he was an athlete. He was almost certainly in better shape than she was, and he would almost certainly be able to catch her in this plain. If she made it to the forest, the story was different. Her build was more slim than his, so she could more easily avoid getting caught up on trees. Her best option would be to strike at him, in the ankle or the knee or the head, so that he would be slowed down slightly.

"I-I'm not going to give it to you," she said, stepping back in a more obvious way.
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