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Still tense, Rob scanned every move from the girl. Loosened grip on the hockey stick probably meant she realized she had only minimum chance in close combat, and she lost most of her resolve. The shaky voice only seemed to give another argument for that.

Rob replied to the girl with his typical cold, straight-to-the-point manner.

"I told you, I won't hurt you, unless you'll give me no other choice... And what do I want? You probably guessed it already - your weapon. Just give it to me, I walk away, you walk away peacefully, probably to never see me again, and that's that. Nobody get's hurt. Is that acceptable?"

Huh, what a preposterous demand, I would've never agree to it myself... Rob thought about the deal he just offered. In any normal circumstances he would probably hear 'fuck off', but they were far from normal circumstances, so he just kept his stance, and awaited answer from Janet.
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