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They see me walking, they hating
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Bridget was glad that Kimberly didn't freak out or something when she had removed her top. The last thing she needed was to freak out a potential ally, although someone who got weirded out by something so trivial probably wouldn't be one you'd want to stick around with anyways. Bridget waited patiently for the Vietnamese girl to look at the map, probably trying to figure out where they should go next.

The redheaded girl was about to answer Kimberly's question, but was interrupted by another boy in their class cracking a cynical joke. Bridget once again forced a laugh, admiring the boy's courage for just walking up on two (kind of) armed people and cracking a joke.

"Oh? I bet it was a riot." Bridget countered, cracking a genuine smile. She was so glad that everyone she was meeting was so... normal. No one was acting like anything was wrong. No gun wielding maniacs in site. Just her, Kimberly, Wise-cracking... what was his name? "I'm going to sound like an idiot for this, cause I know I've seen you around, but what's your name again?"
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