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Suddenly, some other voice replied to his question. It sounded really douchy, and if it wound sound more like a Danya, Gary would probably believe the devil himself was mocking him.

"It's a warehouse young man. It could be called a maze too I guess. Or did you mean where we are in a wider sense? Its Survival of the Fittest, but I'm sure you knew that already."

Even though Gary was probably one of the most calm people stepping on the surface of this planet, it still didn't help him from turning on the 'sarcasm mode', though everything stayed in his head.

No shit, Sherlock. I guessed it myself...

Gary carefully walked through the maze while trying to pinpoint the location of the owner of the voice. The more he talked, the easier was his job, though the echo still made it impossible to tell exactly.

"I'm sure you've thought through all the different options regarding survival in this place. Perhaps like me you are looking for allies. I'm not sure we can find each other in this godforsaken maze without making undue amounts of noise, so I'll have to ask if you have any ideas?"

Huh... That sounds like he is somewhere about... There? Gary looked in the direction left to his current position. He still didn't trust the guy, especially not after the not very good first impression the boys voice gave to Gary, but a temporary ally was probably still better than no ally, and as long as he'll be careful, he should be fine. After all, after spending so much time with Rein, he was almost a master of avoiding death.

Anyway, the situation demanded a trickier way to deal with it. Gary stopped in one place to answer the mysterious boy, before moving his position again to avoid being tracked.

"I guess, we can find ourselves by using our flashlights. It's quite dark in here, so if we'll point it up, we could find ourselves by observing and following the light. But we don't have infinite supply of batteries, so I think we should just follow the air current. If you can guess which way the wind is blowing, you should have no problems with finding the exit, and we could meet there. What do you think?"

After finishing his monologue, Gary resumed his slow steps to the left, still unsure if he correctly guessed the guy's location.
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