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Omar had felt the gun kick back with considerable force, and had been very glad he had been gripping it with two hands. With one hand, he would have most likely broken his wrist. But even in that grip, with all of Omar's strength, he had almost dropped it- the recoil was hard. As it was, his hands merely stung and shook from the shock. He didn't even realize this when he fired the gun- almost all of his attention was focused on the boy in front of him.

Omar watched him fall, and was not surprised that the only thing he really felt, watching the bullet pierce through his chest and his heart, was a faint sense of disgust. Call it desensitization, call it the effects of stress on this island fucking with his mind, but all there was was only a vague feeling of unease in the back of his head, a faint whisper of regret and unease. Omar had already begun to subconsciously push it backwards, and that was good. He wasn't here to weep for this boy- he barely knew him, and he had done this out of neccesity. Besides, on this island, sooner or later, someone would kill the boy. A quick, almost instantaneous death like the one Omar had given him was much preferable to some of the fates that people had fallen to on this island- really, when it came down to it it was a mercy kill.

It had been done out of logic, of course. If Omar was to defend himself, or more importantly Sierra, he needed a weapon. The handgun- a Beretta 93R, a semi automatic pistol, at least that's what the manual said- looked like it would prove to be rather useful. As the thoughts went through his hand, his arms worked mechanically, searching through the bag he had pulled away from the boy's corpse. The kid had had at least 20 pounds on Omar, and Omar couldn't risk him attacking him and taking the gun back. So, of course, he had to shoot him. The simplest and easiest way to resolve the situation with the least harm and risk to Omar.

As he shoved the bullets, the food, and most of the waters- only opening one of Warren's bottles to drink himself- into his own bag, he thought about it. That wasn't exactly correct- it wasn't harm to him, or him dying, that he was worried about. Well, not directly. She was so kind, so sweet- she would never hurt anyone to try to survive. But people would take advantage of that, and they'd try to hurt her. And Omar could not, and would not, let that happen. Perhaps he wasn't the traditional knight in shining armor, the brave action hero, any cliche like that, strong, tall, and handsome, but he had the chance to save the woman he loved, and he would take it. No matter what that meant.

Omar took a swig of the water bottle, and then, out of the corner of his eye, saw a rustle of movement in one of the flowerbeds. Capping the water bottle, he turned to face it, gun in hand. He saw a girl struggling to load a dart gun, but she didn't look panicked, just flustered and stressed out.
Omar briefly wondered if she could be a threat, if she was someone he should kill, but decided against it. She looked like she didn't know where she was, much less like someone who was going to kill others. He walked towards her, and when she looked up, her face still unfocused, raising her dart gun at him, asking him some pointless question, Omar recognized her. One of Sierra's friends, albeit not a close one. Jessica Pentangeli, was her name. Omar was very good with names.

"Jessica, its me, Omar." He said, in a calm voice. He picked the water bottle up off the ground. "You should put that dart gun away- you're gonna scare anybody else who comes here. And here," He tossed the water lightly to her in an underhand throw, hoping she'd catch it. "You look like you're pretty thirsty. And I bet you could use this more than me."

Omar slid the pack onto his shoulder, and began to walk slowly out towards the exit. "Jessica- I'd love to stay, I know I'd want someone watching my back- but I have to go see about a girl I love. I have to make sure she's okay, and I don't want anyone following me there." Omar kept walking, before turning around one last time to look at Jessica. "But... please, for me, be careful. It would break Sierra's heart if she knew I wasn't with you and something happened to you." He gave Jessica a small smile, and then continued on his way. On to Sierra.

((Omar Burton continued in instinct•algorithm))
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