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Janet felt her heart sink. Robert definitely knew more about fighting than she did, which wasn't hard considering she knew very little more than what she had observed while observing a fight between two jocks, which would be extraordinarily unhelpful here. Time for a different plan.

She allowed fear to slide into her voice as she took what she hoped was a surreptitious step to the side and asked, "W-what do you want from me?"

She hated that sound in her voice. Fear was not an emotion becoming a Binachi. If (and it was a big if) she lived through it, she would never be able to look her granddad in the eye again. She let her grip on the stick loosen slightly. She knew what he was after. It was the reason he was bulkier and the reason he was threatening her with fists. It was also the reason he wouldn't be able to catch her when she ran. He hadn't gotten a weapon. It seemed, to her untrained eye, that he had gotten something like a bullet proof vest. Which was mostly useless against anything that wasn't bullets, but she doubted Robert knew that.

She swallowed and said, "P-please don't hurt me...."
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