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B089 - John Smith - Start

John tore through his day pack as if he were starving and it was a packet of peanuts. He'd already emptied it of his clothes and provisions, finding only a pump-action shotgun and booklet as an unexpected item.

He muttered a swear when he reached the bottom of the bag. He was hoping to find some sort of collar-tracking device in his bag. He'd read a list of weapons used in previous televised SoTF games on Wikipedia once, so he knew that kind of thing existed. He had just hoped he had two weapons, not just a gun and ammo.

He looked at the shotgun which lay on the floor, the instruction booklet thrown on top of it. Why couldn't it be that collar-GPS? He wanted - needed - to find Celeste. Surely they were owed one more naked-time together...

He had woken up when he rolled into a tree in his sleep - that woke him with a shock, the scene in the auditorium flooding back to him. The collar wrapped around his neck confirmed it, too.

He shook his head and started throwing things back into his bag. All he wanted was to hang out in a shack with his girlfriend. Was that so much to ask?

"Hello?! Who's there? I...Who's there?!"

John jumped and looked around. Someone else was here? She sounded scared - like she wasn't playing - or pretending to not play so she could kill someone.

"Uhm, I'm John!" he called back, standing and picking up his shotgun and manual. He could come back for his bag in a moment. "Who's that? Where are you?"
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