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Hmm, This doesn't seem to be working as well as I thought it would. Come to think of it, from the looks of things this IS a pretty big island... Chances are, he's probably......



Joshua leapt out of his skin in shock as he heard a strange voice greeting him from behind, catching him completely off-balance. So off-balance in fact, that as he turned around to see who it was he lost his footing and fell off the bench, landing with a heavy thud on his back.

Ow! Not again...

After a moment or so of just lying there, his head shot up to see who'd greeted him as he propped himself up to a prone position. He hoped dearly that it turned out to be someone he knew well like Marty or Daniel, or maybe even a cute girl he could talk to or something... But sadly it turned out to just be plain old Everett Taylor. Not anybody PARTICULARLY important then...

"Everett? Holy cow man, you scared the bejesus oughta me!"

He hastily scrambled to his feet, grabbing onto the bench for support. As he stood there looking at the guy who'd just given him the fright of his life, a thought occurred... Whilst he didn't know that much about Everett personally, after all maths happened to be Joshua's worst subject, what he did know was that the guy was completely harmless. Whenever he'd seen him around school, he always struck Joshua as being a fairly nice guy. A bit stuck up occasionally, yes, but for the most part a decent enough guy. And Joshua, being the optimistic ball of fluff that he is, didn't see any reason whatsoever for why he shouldn't trust him.

Now if only he could convince Everett that he too was trustworthy...

"Hey there, uh... The name's Joshua. Although, you might already know that... Not really too sure... Um..."

"Look, uh... I know that this whole situation seems kinda crazy, what with the collars and everything... And I know that neither of us really know each other a whole lot, but I just wanna assure you that you have NOTHING to worry about... This whole "Survival of the Fittest" thing seems WAY too messed up for me personally... I mean, DUDE! Killing each other to survive?!? What kinda sick bastard thought THAT would be fun? Sure, its kinda fun in videogames... Heck, actually, its a helluva lot of fun in videogames...

"But, uh, thats not really the point i'm trying to make... What i'm tryin' to say here is that as long as i'm around, you don't have to worry about a....."



The living anachronism was interrupted mid-speech by the sound of a small explosion from further down the mountain trail, the explosion in question being the same one which had recently taken the life of a certain Remi Pierce.
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