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Rob gave Janet a bonus points in his head for not running away.

Impressive. I thought she'll be trying to run, but it seems she wants to fight back if something will happen.

Well, he still wanted the weapon though, so the situation could get ugly in a moment. He wanted to avoid any fight this soon, but it's better to be prepared for the worst.

Instantly, Rob made a small step with his left foot, bent his knees a bit and lowered his body to get ready for any attack on the legs which would require immediate dodge. Then, he placed his arms before his torso in a stance prepared for any blow coming on the upper part of the body. Sure, it was more of a fist-fight stance, but it worked once against a guy with a broken table leg during a bar brawl once... Any potential blow will probably hurt like hell, but at least he could counterattack easily if anything would happen.

The big 'if', eh? Rob didn't mind taking the stick with a force, but it would be much better to make a deal like a civilized people.

"Yeah, I have one problem. It seems you want to attack me, when there is no need to fight at all..." Robert replied still battle ready. His face showed nothing more than focus on the hockey stick Janet was wielding.
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