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The faceless fear
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The scene of carnage played out over and over again in Meredith's mind. The teachers shot execution style. Gunned down like the dogs they were and weren't.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Meredith pounded the glass of the mirror one more time and gave another unearthly howl of frustration.

She heard other voices, recognising only one as it ordered her to stay put and not move. Like hell she would. It seemed to her that keeping mobile would be a better survival tactic and she wasn't sure who the voice belonged to.

"A house of mirrors. A reflection of the darkness of the human soul, I suppose." Meredith murmured, "A place for killers to reflect on whether they are going to do what their disgusting souls tell them to do."

The crappy dark poetry calmed her down a bit. She stood, scrambled to her bags and picked them up, feeling around inside for her weapon and pulling it out. The weapon flopped around in her hands. She kept a firm grip on it... them? She had no idea what this was, perhaps it was some kind of triplenunchuck?

As she slung the bags over her shoulders, Meredith shoved all three sections of the weird kung-fu thing in one hand, but found that it was a little too big to fit in her fist. She hefted it a little, testing its weight, then settled for holding two sections in one hand and one in the other.

It was then that she noticed someone else in her immediate vicinity. Meredith turned to face Dave, allowing him full view of her running black mascara, her hair with bits of vomit in it (they may have wiped off her jacket but they did nothing for her hair) and the full force of her anger.

"What do you THINK I'm angry about?" she snapped at him, "You have three guesses. First two don't count. And the last one involves a fat slob."
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