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Nick heard someone whisper to him. He saw Teo and turned to him.


He stopped when there was a compound crossbow pointed at his chest.


His heart sped up and he swallowed nervously. Nick tilted his head and looked at the weapon. He put his finger to his chin and inspected the thing in Teo's hands

“Wow, neat weapon pull. It’s a range weapon so you don’t have too get close, and it even has the advantage over a gun in that you can reuse your amo if you go pick up the arrows after you use ‘em. You know- Ow!”

Nick put his hand on his hip, forgetting that his hunga munga had an extra blade poking out of the handle. He looked down at his shirt which now had a small hole.

“Yeah. I got this thing. How are you supposed to use it? Obviously pointy side goes in opponent but this just seems poorly constructed. I should have a word with the terrorists about their poor weapon selection.”

He hoped his rambling might distract from the fact that he hadn’t laid down his weapon. It also served the purpose of making Teo think he might be stupider than he really was, or perhaps that he was not taking this situation seriously.

No way am I laying down my weapon, buddy. That’s just how it is.

“Nick?...It’s just me…”

Hearing his name, Nick leaned so that he was half visible from the church door. He smiled at Claire and waved.

“Heeeeyyy Claire,” he said in a sing song tone. “How’s it going?”

Leaning into the door as he was, Teo couldn’t see Nick’s face. Using this to his advantage his expression became serious. He shifted his eyes and slightly jerked his head to the right to indicate that something was there.

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