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The school's student body "Genius", the sixteen year old senior, was quite the oblivious person. A normal trait for most people that intelligent though. Stereotypically, it's lots of book smarts, no common sense, oblivious to the world. However, the soft, almost haunting wailing of a female voice reverberating through the tunnel he could hardly see made him snap his head from the new day pack that was present. Anyone who had come here to "see the sights" would assume it was a haunted tunnel. 'The souls of the dead miners who crafted this blah blah blah...' Peter was a boy of Science. Ghosts weren't real.

This had to be someone else from Bayview.

Someone scared. Lonely.

A quick zip echoed softly, although it may have just been his imagination that it was even loud enough to reach the walls. His flashlight turned towards the source, even though he still couldn't see the girl. Some straining allowed him to make out the odd word here and there.

"...you left me the teddy bear- you remember? Mr. Theodore..."

A sob choked out the rest of her sentence. Was she praying? Either way, the poor girl sounded terrified. It was almost as if she was saying her final goodbyes already. How many people were actually doing that right now? Making piece with their God, convinced that this was the end of their life?

"...you, Dad- I miss you so much. I wish you could have been there for all those years."

She was praying... to her father? Or talking to him on the Cameras? He sat and listened intently, quietly hoisting his bags to his back, clipping his own personal day pack around his waist. I don't want to interrupt her... I'd want to be left alone while I said my goodbyes too...

And so he quietly listened. He waited until the words became sobs, the sobs eventually becoming choked, the chokes eventually becoming whimpers, gently fading away through the tunnel, only to be heard by the two of them. It was then that he stood. He pocked the flash light and blinked, attempting to adjust his eyes.

And then he called out in the most sympathetic voice he could muster. He didn't want this poor girl to be afraid.

"Hello?" What would he say to her? He had never been good at talking when he was in relaxed situations, never mind this!

"I... I'm Peter. I don't know who you are... You sound scared though." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, steeling himself to make his own proposition, and awaiting the response it brought.

"I don't want to play this game. I want to go home, just like you do." His words were genuine, sincere. A tear rolled down his cheek as reality began to hit him. What if Ridley and Luke were already dead? What if someone had shot them while they were asleep?

"W...Would you like to be friends?" His words echoed, almost as if taunting him with the depravity and morbidity of the question that he asked. Friends... They were all supposed to be dead in less than two weeks time.

Supposed to was the key word though. "Let's get out of this tunnel and find somewhere a little brighter." He hoped the double entendre wasn't lost on the poor terrified girl, although even just in the literal it should seem good enough. He really just wanted to go home. And he wanted to save people along the way. Danya had said that was impossible. That "better people than you had tried."

Danya didn't know who he was messing with.
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