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Alex grumbled as he stared at his assigned 'weapon', almost tempted to simply throw away the brightly colored ball in frustration and anger, but he didn't; No, he simply shoved it back into the bag and pulled out the map. He didn't know where he was, but he had a guess; It certainly had to be somewhere among the green, but where, he didn't have a clue. The trees were too big and there were no discernible landmarks in sight; He would need to get somewhere else, somewhere a bit more open, before he could figure out where he was. A glance at the compass told him little besides his heading, so he simply stuffed the map back into the bag and zipped it shut once more.

What now?

He sighed to himself and muttered under his breath, silently cursing his luck and his fate, and all those involved in steering them in the direction they had taken. His clothes were still dirty, still covered in pine needles; Worst among them was his jacket, with bits of twigs and pine needles stuck to it with pine sap. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to rest against that particular tree. As he began to wonder where he was to go, and what he was to do, he listened to the noises that permeated the air. Some were natural. Some weren't, however, and that is what sent a chill down his spine. Voices in the distance, not far yet not close, barely audible among the wind and the trees and the rustling of the leaf litter; But one thing struck him as he fell silent.



Who the hell would be laughing?

Whoever it was, he didn't want to meet them if they treated this situation with laughter.

He breathed in sharply as he realized he had stopped when the laughter came about, but now that it was gone, he had to wonder. Who was laughing and why? Does this mean they're dangerous? Now that they were all fighting for their lives, would this person, this laughing person, be a danger to him? A sudden desire for protection, for an actual weapon, overwhelmed his mind as he feared for his life.

Desperately searching, searching and searching, panicked thoughts and faster breathing; His thoughts all drifted to those of fear and dread, not knowing what was out there or what was waiting for him. He didn't know what to expect, who to expect, and he needed to feel safe; Anxiously, he searched, slowly losing hope as nothing significant was found. He found a rock, but it was too small; He found a stick, but it snapped suddenly as he tested its strength. He tried to calm himself, tried telling himself that there was nothing to worry about; He tried to rationalize not having a weapon, reminding himself that his father taught him everything he needed to know, but the desire for protection was still there. But as his thoughts began to wander, distraction took hold.

His thoughts drifted to self defense, to his father and what he had taught him; If something happened, he could always rely upon that knowledge to save him, to defend himself from anyone who sought to harm him. But who would want to harm him? What would they have when it came to a weapon, and would he be able to defend himself then? It was possible his bad luck would continue, that if he left this place here and now he could run into someone who was better off that he was; Someone who had a weapon and wasn't afraid to use it. Someone he didn't know, someone who didn't know him; It wasn't guaranteed that he would run into a friend.


That's right. He was alone, out in the middle of nowhere with no one in sight, with no knowledge of the area and no one to look to for answers. Where was everyone else, where were his friends? Where was William, or Colin, or Peter, or anyone else that he was close to, anyone that he could trust. If he ran into someone out here, what were the chances that they would be a friend? And even if they were... would he be able to trust them now?

"Damn it."

He felt alone, disheartened at that thought.

If I ran into someone, would I be able to trust them?

It rang in his head, clear as day, as he searched the surrounding brush. Trust. They weren't at home anymore, weren't at school. No, this was completely foreign to him, and he didn't know who he could trust in this situation. People were going to be killing each other, putting their lives into someones hands besides their own every time they trusted someone. Trust. That was one of the points they were trying to make with that video, that you can't trust anyone and if you do, they could kill you. He looked up at the sky as he wondered... about his friends, about his classmates, about which ones would join in on this and start killing each other. He wondered about those he was close to, and tried to think of them.

Would they be killers? Would they be able to kill me, or I them?

A faint opening in the canopy made him squint, the sun stinging his sleep filled eyes.

What about me? Would I be able to kill them, if I needed to?

His thoughts drifted away from the depressing notion of his friends betraying him, slipping to thoughts of him betraying his friends. That was no respite for his mind; His head began spinning with scenarios and situations, with potential dangers and risks and choices to make, with thoughts of death and destruction and sorrow and relief and...


He put his hand over his eyes, staring up at the sun, wide eyed and alive.

No, I wouldn't do that. I couldn't. I don't care what happens, I wouldn't do that to them.

His fingers curled into his palm, his muscles tightened as he clenched his fist. It wasn't in him to do that to his friends, to betray them and send them to their deaths. But those who weren't his friends, anyone who did play this sick game, what about them? What would he do then?

I'll protect myself. I'll protect them.

He knew that it was foolish to think he could escape if he simply got his friends together. But even if he was going to die, he was going to die on his terms, doing what he would be proud to be doing; He wouldn't give up, he wouldn't give in.


Within his line of sight, just off to the side of where he had been staring intently for a rather long time, he spotted something. Something bare of any green needles, stripped of shoots by time; Something low hanging and nearer to him than anything else above his head. Exactly what he needed, exactly what he was searching for.


He didn't realize how long he had been standing there thinking, nor did he have any clue how far away those voices were. He could still hear noise, but it was nothing he could really pick out and identify; It could be other people, or it could be a squirrel in the leaf litter, or even something bigger. It could have been close or far away, he didn't know. But for now, he didn't care. He had his goal, however small, and as he moved his bags he knew exactly what he needed to do to achieve that goal. He needed something to defend himself with, and he was going to get it before he went anywhere.

He backed up.

He focused on the branch.

And he went for it.

He moved forward from his position, getting a running start, albeit a small one, for his jump. His goal wasn't distance, but rather height. He left the ground, and his hands grasped for the pine branch above; When he made contact, he closed his hands around it and hung on for dear life. He wouldn't hang long, however.


With a loud crack, the wood split, splintered, and snapped. And Alex fell back to the ground, landing with a thud and falling unto his back. But he had what he wanted, and that was enough; For now, at least.
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