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There were definitely people here, that was the good news, probably. Garrett didn't really consider anyone a threat at this moment- until he found the boys, he'd have to find another group to lead. They'd be expendable, sure, but he didn't particularly want to kill anyone. That was what he wanted. Danya. And he refused to let that bastard get what he wanted. So he'd have to make allies instead.

The bad news- they were girls.

Garrett groaned. Great. I'm gonna have to escort a bunch of girls out of here. Sounds like a fun fuckin' time. Garrett was a misogynist in the worst way, and he admitted it. It was bros before hoes all the time with him. But there was a girl's voice yelling, asking if anyone was around, and he spotted the silhouette of a second girl moving away from him. Two allies are better than one, Garrett thought. Even if they are girls.

"Yeah, someone's fuckin' here! I am! You too, girl," he said slightly less loudly, motioning towards the other girl, the one moving away. "Over here. Or leave and get yourself killed, no fucking skin off my bones."

Garrett then changed direction, moving towards what he perceived was the direction the voice had came from. The terrain was treacherous- he was thankful that he was used to this kind of shit from UrbanExpo back home. He managed not to fall as he made his way up a steep hill, until eventually he discovered the source of the voice. Yes, it was a girl.

A girl with a gun.

Garrett's hand tightened on his shinai.

"Hey. Name's Garrett. I saw some other girl back there, either she's coming or she's not. And you are?"
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