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Janet nearly jumped out of her skin as she heard the voice behind her. She spun onto her knees and stood up, hockey stick held across her body as protection. She found herself staring at one of the basketball players. Some name that started with R. Ryan? No.... Robert. Not the gimp one, obviously. Her heart sank as she looked up into his eyes. The boy was huge. She spun the hockey stick in her hands and took a cautious step back.

"No problem. No issue at all," Janet said cautiously, moving back again. She felt her leg hit the stump and she stopped, keeping her breath level. The ankles would be a good target if the man should make a move. Or the neck. She wasn't certain as to the strength of the wood in the hockey stick, but she did know that it would be able to get one or two good strikes in.

"Do you have a... problem?"
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