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"What? No, no. Not at all! Why would I?"

"Oh...that's..." Cisco let out a sickly chuckle, "...a bit disappointing." He turned away from George for a moment. Others wouldn't have found that choice of words the best things to say, though to a few opportunists it might have been the words to hear. When he turned back he noticed that George had brought out a wallet...after gasping for noticing that George had suddenly brandished something at him.

"Yeah, dangerous wallet. Fear it," he almost seemed to taunt. "That's it, man. I am weapon-free. You could say that we're in the same boat."

George pointed at the vinyl record that Cisco had probably already snapped in half given that he still pressed it against his chest with his duffel bag. Obviously, George wanted to show that right now he was about as big a threat to Cisco right now as Cisco was to George.

Cisco bit his lip, trying to find something to say. Because he didn't want to say that he didn't trust that the wallet that George didn't pull out was his own. And even if that did turn out to be his own, what wasn't to say George couldn't lure the smaller boy down to some dark, smelly area, and have his way with him and/or kill him just to take the extra supplies off his hands? What, other than what sounded like people inside the logging compound building he was heading for, was stopping George from doing those things right now, in this abandoned parking lot?

But Cisco was mainly now aware, for the first time since he'd screamed his way into consciousness, that his heart was thumping against his ribcage faster than most of the kicks he'd had to catch as the team's former star goalie.

He was also suddenly made aware that George had found something more to say before he could.

"So yeah...Survival of the Fittest. I never figured this would happen, but it has. What are you going to do, Cisco? You want to work together for now, or are you good on your own?"

"Just...just..." Cisco raised his free hand in a half-hearted gesture to stop George, practically breathing thrice in two seconds for every word, "I'm just not dead yet, and I don't know if I want to die and...you can follow if you want but...you're really not going to kill me..."

In the meantime, his mind had decided not to wait for a final decision about the large dancer-swimmer's sincerity. He started to take small sidesteps away from George toward the building, though he continued to fix his gaze upon the larger athlete. Fragile steps for a fragile, hastily-improvised plan of escape that would probably be shattered by the presence of the first person to exit the compound in his direction.
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