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Not long after throwing his 'weapon' to the ground, Saul heard a familiar voice. He quickly wiped his eyes with his sleeves before looking towards the source of the voice. I can't show weakness. If it's a predator, the will surely take advantage of me.

His dampened eyes shifting, his gaze moved towards a form he recognized. A smile was raised from his lips, his arms dropping from his face. "Garry!" he said, fully turning his body towards his friend. Thank God, he thought, if he had been a player, I would have been dog food.

After a few minutes of conversation one would think would come up in the situation ('You okay?', 'Yeah, I'm scared too.', etc.), he heard another voice to his side. He snapped his head to the source of the voice, having not expected it. Oh shit! I didn't even see them come close!

His gaze on her, he recognized the new person, who had introduced herself as Cyrille. He gave a small smile, trying to reassure the small, scared-looking girl. "I... don't see why not," he said , choosing his words with caution, "You can join us until you find whoever you're looking for."

His mind flicked through it's contents, searching for any information he had heard about her. Soon, he remembered hearing about a girl, Violetta Lindsberg, that was dating another girl named Cyrille. It wasn't much, but he knew she must be looking for her girlfriend. That'll be the first thing, he thought, lovers will try to find each other. Even in the situation, they can find solace in the arms of the people they love.

After an awkward moment of silence, he turned to Garry, "What do you think, Gar?"


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