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G062 - Cyrille LaBlache - Start

Cyrille was fully awake within a few minutes after she had realized where she was and what was happening. First she understood she was somewhere in the outdoors and not in some nice comfy house. Second she realizes she was part of Survival of the Fittest. The dreadful so call game that force students to kill one and other. The third was the fact that Violetta was also on the trip. She was also on the island and playing the exact same game. Tears began to start flowing at the thought of Violetta being in danger. Her closest partner was in a life and death situation.

Her first thoughts were to find her. She needed to find Violetta and keep her safe. She didn’t care as much about her own safety of the thought of student killing one and other. It was the safety of her girlfriend that came first. Cyrille knew she had to act quickly if she ever hopes to find her before something happen to her dear Violetta. Standing up with a burst of energy and determination she wipes away her tears and she went towards her bad. Arriving to it she quickly drops to her knees and opens the bag. She needed her weapon right away. After a few seconds she had realize what he weapon was. She looks in mix horror of what she held in her hand. Cat ears. She threw the thing away as fear crept up. Now she was unarmed and in danger. She knew she had to find someone she could trust quickly if she was ever going to get to Violetta. Her wish was granted when she heard shouting. She quickly grabs her bag and ran towards the voices and hoping to god that they were not playing the game.

Arriving she saw one boy crying and unarmed. Perfect he was obviously just as terrified as her. He was a potential ally. She was ready to run up to the boy when suddenly another one pop out. She drops to her knees in an attempt to hide to see what the second boy would bring. Luckily it seems he was also harmless as instead of attacking the black hair boy he called out his name. Saul was it? Cyrille knew this was her chance to get two allies and one who was armed. She would need them to find Violetta. She waited to let the two boys get to see each and other before she made her appearance. After a few minutes she stood up and walk towards them.

”Excuse me… Boys? Hi I’m Cyrille… I’m not playing I’m just trying to find someone… Can… Can I stick with you guys? I got stupid cat ears as my weapon so I’m unarmed” At that point she shut her mouth. Not only was she giving out what weapons she had but she also made it aware that she was terrified. If these guys ever change their mind they could easily
While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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