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Head, clearing. That was good. She opened her eyes and looked up.

Nick Reid, standing there. Looking down at her. He didn't look happy. Didn't sound happy either. That probably wasn't good.

"Uh, hey Nick."

And that was definitely a Molotov cocktail, of all things, in his hand.

Molotov cocktail.

Last year, one of those had burnt half of Melina Frost's face off.

Andrea's heart rate jumped about 200 beats a minute. Ho-leeeee shit. Hooo-leee...

"Holy shit." It came out sounding flat. "Holy shit. It's... it's SOTF. It's SOTF. It's fucking Survival of the Fittest." Was she talking to Nick or to herself? Andrea didn't know. She was too busy breathing, in and out, in and out; she was practically hyperventilating here, but who could blame her; she was actually on Survival of the Fucking Fittest, and she was remembering the introduction and the teachers, and holy crap, holy...

"Holy crap. Uh, heh heh heh, uh, sorry Nick it's just, holy fucking shit."

It was dawning on her she might not be presenting the best image to someone like Nick Reid. Andrea knew he didn't like her much. Plus it wasn't exactly a secret around Bayview that she liked SOTF. She grabbed her knees, hands shaking. Holy crap, the adrenaline. Who knew a natural high could be so potent?

"Uh yeah, so fancy meeting you here too, Nick. I uh, see you've got a bottle there. I dunno, I haven't checked my bag yet and uh...."

She glanced over at her bag. Oh god. That was just the cherry on top. G077. They'd given her Dodd's freaking number. Andrea let out a sudden, gasping burst of laughter.

"Oh god! Oh god sorry Nick but I really need to take a second here and uh... uh, I think I heard someone else around just give me a second here...."

Please let him give her a second.
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