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B145: Garry Villette - V4 Start

Garry stood, looking up at the top of the mountain in front of him. He had been awake for around twenty minutes, and he was currently in a foul mood. When he'd first woke up and realised the gravity of the situation he found himself in, he was scared stiff as well as pissed off. He'd hastily unzipped his bag for his weapon, and pulled out a long pole with three blades on it, a long thin blade at the tip with two curved blades on either side of it. It seemed to be quite a decent weapon, which calmed him down a touch.

'Shame I'm not going to be using it,' he thought, glancing at the blades that reflected the dawn sun.

It was ironic. Despite being a fan of creatures that wouldn't hesitate to rip a human to shreads in a heartbeat, Garry wasn't a violent person himself. If ever he was ticked off or full blown furious about something or other, he would usually take his frustrations out on an ice hockey puck in the rink, not another person.

'I'm not on a hunt for prey, I'm on a hunt for my pack,' Garry thought. The pack in question was the ice hockey team, whoever ended up going on the 'trip' with him anyway. 'Safety in numbe-'


Garry jumped at the sudden expletive, looking around him and holding the ji up in defence. 'That didn't sound like it was that far away from me,' he thought, feeling the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. 'Wait, I recognise that voice!'

Garry started walking towards the source of the noise, careful not to trip over any rocks, branches or the like. He couldn't put his hands out to stop the fall, seeing at both were already wrapped around the staff of his weapon. It took him a few minutes of walking before he saw a familiar black haired person wearing a green hoodie, standing there and looking to be... crying? Garry smiled for possibly the first time that day; he'd found one of his allies.

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